Appetite For Love

Mina Jones - her given name short for Wilhelmina - is an up and coming executive at Atlanta-based International Corporate Brands (ICB), which makes strategic acquisitions in the food and restaurant industry and rebrands those acquisitions under their corporate framework, including standardization in production and building upon economies of scale. Reed, her boyfriend, also works for the company, they working their way up the corporate ladder together. Mina gets a professional opportunity in leading her first ever corporate compliance for the relatively new acquisition of a six outlet regional chain that ICB wants to take national. The issue is solely the flagship restaurant which is not complying, the owner who cannot be reached. It isn't until she is given the job that she learns the restaurant in question is Hart's Diner in her hometown of Sycamore Springs, Tennessee, where she left fifteen years ago never to return, her life as "Willi Mae Jones" there which she has successfully put behind her. The diner was owned by the Hart family, her high school boyfriend, Clay Hart, the son of the original owner. Mina will eventually learn that the reason that ICB has not been able to contact Mr. Hart is because he passed away three months ago, Clay now operating the flagship restaurant. Mina is not looking forward to seeing Clay, their break-up not a happy one in her want for a sophisticated big city life against his joy about all that Sycamore Springs had to offer, that break-up despite being in love with each other. Clay ends up not being happy about the reason for Mina's return to Sycamore Springs, as he has built the diner around fresh, local ingredients - such as for Trout Tuesday, the trout which he catches himself fresh that day - rather than ICB's M.O. of using national suppliers of generally frozen and/or preservative filled foods. Despite the reason for Mina being in Sycamore Springs, there are still unresolved feelings between her and Clay. The question becomes if the two can reconcile their differences on both the professional and personal sides, especially as, on paper, Reed seems to fulfill more of what she wants on both sides of her life.

Genre: Romance

Actor: ...

Director: Taylor Cole,Andrew Walker

Country: United States

Duration: 84 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.3