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Deluxo is a cryptocurrency that operates under the Ethereum blockchain, by using the ERC20 token standard. What makes Deluxo superior to other tokens is it’s ability to be sent quickly, cheaply and securely thanks to the power of the Ethereum network.

The purpose of Deluxo is to provide people with a seamless way to give gratuity to friends, introduce newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency, and provide a cool, catchy name all at the same time. Deluxo is not only for the veterans of the cryptocurrency scene, but more so for the newcomers just starting out.



Thanks to the Ethereum network, transaction speeds for sending Deluxo are extremely fast and reliable.


Rest easy knowing that every Deluxo transaction is verified on the most secure blockchain cryptocurrency has to offer.


The outcome of using Deluxo is an extremely fast and reliable way of showing your gratuity to others.

Get Started



First, you will need a place to store your Deluxo.
Since Deluxo runs of off the Ethereum network, there are multiple Ethereum supported wallets available. We recommend Trust Wallet.



Next, you can request Deluxo by sending a direct message to @deluxo on Twitter.
Please include your Ethereum wallet address (0x123abc...) when messaging us.



Done, you can now start sending Deluxo!
Please remember: you need Ethereum to pay for Deluxo transactions, and only Ethereum wallet addresses can recieve Deluxo.

<60s avg transfer time
4,700,000 total deluxo
20+ supported wallets


Have any questions? Check here to see if they have already been answered.

Why does it take Ethereum to transfer Deluxo?
Deluxo is an ERC20 token. This means that is does not have it's own blockchain (a system of verifying transactions, mining, etc.) so it must operate under a larger one (the Ethereum blockchain).

How much Deluxo do you plan to give away?
We plan to give away 4,200,000 DLUX out of the total 4,700,000 DLUX, through various methods of distribution (like Twitter).

How much is 1 DLUX worth?
Deluxo has no real value. It is worth only what you value it. If we distribute the 4,200,000 DLUX as planned, we will apply to cryptocurrency exchanges, thus giving Deluxo a monetary value.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us a direct message on Twitter.